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About the University of Houston

The University of Houston (UH) is a public research university located in Houston, Texas. The university was founded in 1927 and is the third-largest university in Texas, with over 47,000 students enrolled. UH is a member of the University of Houston System and is designated as a Carnegie Tier One research university. Some interesting facts about the University of Houston include: - UH has six academic colleges: the College of Business, the College of Education, the College of Engineering, the College of Hotel and Restaurant Management, the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, and the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics. - The university offers over 280 degree programs, including bachelor's, master's, and doctoral degrees. - UH is known for its research in a variety of fields, including biotechnology, energy, health, and space. The university has over 40 research centers and institutes. - The university's mascot is the Cougar, and its sports teams compete in Division I of the NCAA as a member of the American Athletic Conference.

Grading and GPA System

The University of Houston uses a 4.0 grading scale, with letter grades ranging from A to F. The grading scale and corresponding GPA values are as follows: - A: 4.0 - A-: 3.7 - B+: 3.3 - B: 3.0 - B-: 2.7 - C+: 2.3 - C: 2.0 - C-: 1.7 - D+: 1.3 - D: 1.0 - F: 0.0 To calculate your GPA, you multiply the credit hours of each course by the corresponding GPA value, add up the total GPA points, and divide by the total credit hours. For example, if you took three courses worth three credit hours each and received grades of A, B+, and C, your GPA would be: (3 x 4.0) + (3 x 3.3) + (3 x 2.0) = 33.9 GPA points 9 total credit hours 33.9 / 9 = 3.77 GPA It's also worth noting that UH has a grade replacement policy, which allows students to retake a course and have only the highest grade counted towards their GPA. However, this policy has some restrictions and limitations, so be sure to talk to your academic advisor if you're considering retaking a course.


Overall, the University of Houston is a diverse and dynamic institution with a range of academic programs and research opportunities. If you're considering attending UH, be sure to explore the various colleges and departments to find the program that's right for you. And if you're already a UH student, remember to stay on top of your grades and utilize the resources available on campus to maximize your academic success.