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Woodbury University Description

Woodbury University Description

About the University

  • Woodbury University is a private, non-profit university in Burbank, California.
  • The university was founded in 1884 and has a rich history of providing education in business, architecture, design, and liberal arts.
  • It offers undergraduate and graduate programs in various disciplines.
  • The university is known for its small class sizes and personalized attention to students.
  • Woodbury University has a diverse student population, with students from over 30 countries.
  • The university has a strong commitment to community service and sustainability.

Grading and GPA System

  • Woodbury University uses a four-point grading system, with A being the highest grade and F being the lowest.
  • The university also uses plus and minus grades to differentiate between high and low grades within each letter grade.
  • The university calculates GPA on a 4.0 scale, with an A being worth 4.0 and an F being worth 0.0.
  • Students need to maintain a minimum GPA of 2.0 to be in good academic standing.
  • The university also has a system for academic probation and dismissal for students who fail to meet the minimum GPA requirements.


Woodbury University is a well-respected institution of higher learning that provides a strong education in various disciplines. With its small class sizes and personalized attention to students, it offers a supportive and nurturing environment for learning. The university's commitment to community service and sustainability also makes it an excellent choice for students who want to make a positive impact on society. The university's grading and GPA system ensures that students are held to high academic standards and are prepared for success after graduation.