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About the University of the Pacific

The University of the Pacific, commonly referred to simply as Pacific, is a private university located in Stockton, California. The university was founded in 1851 and is the oldest chartered university in California.

Here are a few quick facts about the University of the Pacific:

  • It is a comprehensive university with multiple campuses across California
  • The university has around 6,500 undergraduate and graduate students
  • It is consistently ranked as one of the top universities in the western United States
  • The university offers more than 80 undergraduate majors and more than 30 graduate programs

Grading and GPA System

Like most universities in the United States, the University of the Pacific uses a 4-point grading scale, with the following letter grades and corresponding GPA values:

  • A: 4.0
  • A-: 3.7
  • B+: 3.3
  • B: 3.0
  • B-: 2.7
  • C+: 2.3
  • C: 2.0
  • C-: 1.7
  • D+: 1.3
  • D: 1.0
  • D-: 0.7
  • F: 0.0

The university also uses an A+ grade for exceptional work, but this grade does not factor into GPA calculation.

Students must maintain a minimum GPA of 2.0 in order to remain in good academic standing at the university. Some programs and departments may have higher GPA requirements for certain courses or overall program completion.


The University of the Pacific is a prestigious institution with a long history of providing excellent educational opportunities for students. With its comprehensive curriculum, top-notch faculty, and rigorous academic standards, the university is an excellent choice for students seeking to further their education and advance their careers.