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About the University

The University of Notre Dame is a well-known private Catholic research university situated in Notre Dame, Indiana. It was founded in 1842 by Rev. Edward Sorin, and since then, the university has been offering quality education to both undergraduate and graduate students. The university's campus is built on 1,265 acres of land and has an academic community that constitutes students from over 90 countries.

  • The university offers more than 75 different majors across its five schools and colleges, including the College of Arts and Letters, the College of Science, the School of Architecture, the Mendoza College of Business, and the School of Engineering.
  • The university has a student-to-faculty ratio of 10:1, which means students can access personalized attention and mentorship from experienced professors.
  • The university is home to more than 400 student organizations that offer students various opportunities to pursue their interests outside the classroom.
  • In addition to academics, the university is known for its excellent athletics programs. Its football team is considered one of the most successful and popular in college football history.

Grading and GPA System

The University of Notre Dame has a letter grading system that ranges from an A+ to an F, with each letter grade assigned a specific numerical value. The numerical value assigned to each letter grade is used to calculate the student's Grade Point Average (GPA).

  • An A+ is assigned a numerical value of 4.33, an A is assigned a numerical value of 4.0, an A- is assigned a numerical value of 3.67, and so on.
  • The university's grading system also uses plus and minus grades, which means a student can receive a grade such as B+ or C-.
  • The university also has different grading scales for different schools and colleges. For example, some schools and colleges may use a different grading scale, such as the Pass/Fail grading scale.
  • The university has an Honor Code that requires all students to maintain academic integrity and encourages students to report any violations of the code of conduct.


The University of Notre Dame is a prestigious institution that offers quality education to its students. Its academic community comprises students, faculty, and staff from diverse backgrounds, making it a vibrant and intellectually stimulating place to learn, grow, and thrive. The university's commitment to academic excellence, research, and service has earned it a place among the top universities in the world.