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About the University

The University of Kentucky (UK) is a public research university located in Lexington, Kentucky. Founded in 1865, it is the largest university in the state of Kentucky with over 30,000 students enrolled. UK is also recognized as one of the top public research universities in the United States.

  • 16 Colleges and professional schools
  • More than 200 undergraduate programs
  • More than 100 graduate programs

At UK, students have access to state-of-the-art facilities and resources to support their academic and personal growth. The campus also hosts a vibrant student life with over 500 clubs and organizations, as well as numerous athletic events.

Grading and GPA System

The grading system at the University of Kentucky is standard among American universities, with a letter grade scale ranging from A to F. The corresponding grade point values are:

  • A: 4.0
  • A-: 3.7
  • B+: 3.3
  • B: 3.0
  • B-: 2.7
  • C+: 2.3
  • C: 2.0
  • C-: 1.7
  • D+: 1.3
  • D: 1.0
  • E: 0 (Fail)

At the end of each semester, students receive a grade report that includes the letter grades received for each course, as well as the corresponding grade point values. The cumulative grade point average (GPA) is calculated by adding up the total number of grade points earned and dividing by the total number of credit hours attempted.


The University of Kentucky offers students a world-class education in a welcoming, supportive environment. With a diverse range of academic programs, state-of-the-art facilities, and a vibrant student life, UK is an excellent choice for students looking to achieve their academic and professional goals.