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About University of Advancing Technology

The University of Advancing Technology (UAT) is one of the premier technology universities in the United States. Located in Tempe, Arizona, UAT is a leading institution for higher education in the fields of cyber security, game design, robotics, and software engineering. With a focus on providing innovative, cutting-edge coursework, UAT is committed to preparing its students for success in the rapidly evolving technology industry.

Here are some key features of UAT:

  • UAT offers a variety of degrees, including Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Arts, and Master of Science programs.
  • The university boasts a 100% job placement rate for graduating seniors.
  • Students at UAT have access to state-of-the-art technology and equipment, including a virtual reality lab and a motion capture studio.
  • The faculty at UAT consists of experienced professionals in their respective fields, providing students with real-world insights and connections.
  • UAT also offers a number of extracurricular activities, including a robotics team, a gaming club, and opportunities for community service.

Grading and GPA System

UAT uses a traditional A-F grading system, with each letter grade corresponding to a certain percentage range. The grading scale is as follows:

Grade Percentage Range Quality Points
A 90-100% 4.0
B 80-89% 3.0
C 70-79% 2.0
D 60-69% 1.0
F Below 60% 0.0

Students' grades are used to calculate their grade point average (GPA). The GPA is a weighted average of a student's grades, with each grade receiving a certain number of quality points. For example, an A is worth 4.0 quality points, while a B is worth 3.0 quality points. To calculate a student's GPA, their total quality points are divided by the total number of credits they have taken.


The University of Advancing Technology is a top-tier institution for students interested in the technology industry. With its focus on innovation and cutting-edge coursework, UAT prepares its students for success in a rapidly evolving field. With its experienced faculty and modern facilities, UAT offers students the opportunity to gain real-world experience and connections, in addition to a solid academic foundation.