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About Texas Christian University

Texas Christian University (TCU) is a private Christian university located in Fort Worth, Texas, USA. It was founded in 1873 by the Disciples of Christ with an emphasis on the arts and sciences. Currently, TCU comprises eight colleges and schools that offer undergraduate and graduate degree programs in diverse fields such as business, education, communication, fine arts, humanities, and social sciences.

Academic Programs

- TCU has a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs across eight colleges and schools. - The university offers more than 100 undergraduate majors, 60 master's degrees, and 20 doctoral degrees. - The most popular majors at TCU include business, communication, nursing, psychology, and education. - The university also offers several pre-professional programs such as pre-law, pre-medicine, and pre-veterinary.

Grading and GPA System

- TCU uses the traditional four-point GPA system to evaluate student performance. - A: 4.0, A-: 3.67, B+: 3.33, B: 3.0, B-: 2.67, C+: 2.33, C: 2.0, C-: 1.67, D+: 1.33, D: 1.0, F: 0.0. - The minimum grade required to earn credit for a course is a D-. - The university also offers a plus/minus grading system, which means that students can receive grades such as B+ or C-. - TCU has an honors program for high-achieving students, which requires a minimum GPA of 3.4 and completion of honors courses and a thesis project.

Campus Life

- TCU has a vibrant campus life with more than 250 student organizations, clubs, and groups. - The university has a strong athletic tradition, with 18 varsity sports teams that compete in the NCAA Division I. - TCU is home to the Horned Frogs, which is the university's mascot and symbolizes strength, agility, and fearlessness. - The university has several residence halls and apartment-style housing options for students.


Overall, Texas Christian University is an excellent choice for students seeking a high-quality education in a supportive Christian community. With its diverse academic programs, strong athletics, and vibrant campus life, TCU offers an unparalleled college experience.