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About Sonoma State University

Sonoma State University is a public institution located in Rohnert Park, California, with over 9,000 students enrolled. It offers 45 undergraduate and 17 graduate degree programs, with over 400 faculty members. The University is known for its close-knit community and personalized attention to students. Here are some notable features of Sonoma State University:

  • Established in 1960 as a state college, Sonoma State University became part of California State University system in 1978.
  • The University has a 269-acre campus, overlooking the Sonoma Mountains.
  • Sonoma State University is ranked #11 in Regional Public Universities West by U.S. News & World Report.
  • The University has a student-faculty ratio of 22:1, enabling personalized attention to each student, thus making sure everyone's demands are attended to.
  • SSU offers a unique program called "Exploring Diversity through Film," which brings together people for discussions on diversity, inclusion, and community.

Grading and GPA System at Sonoma State University

Sonoma State University follows a four-point grading scale, with letter grades assigned based on the percentage of points earned by the student. The standard letter grades and their corresponding points are as follows:

  • A: 4.0
  • B: 3.0
  • C: 2.0
  • D: 1.0
  • F: 0.0

In addition to these letter grades, the University also assigns "+" or "-" to indicate a higher or lower grade, respectively. For instance:

  • B+: 3.3
  • A-: 3.7

Sonoma State University calculates students' GPA by dividing the total number of grade points earned by the total number of credit hours attempted. The resulting number falls between 0.0 and 4.0, with 4.0 being the highest possible GPA.


Sonoma State University offers an enriching, diverse, and personalized educational experience for students looking to excel in their academic careers. The University has a reputation for its close-knit community and quality teaching. The friendly campus atmosphere, excellent faculty, and academic programs make Sonoma State University a great place for students to achieve their goals.