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About Samford University

Samford University is a private, Christian University located in Homewood, Birmingham, Alabama. It was founded in 1841, making it the largest private university in Alabama. Samford's mission is to nurture persons from diverse backgrounds to become degree earners, moral leaders and service-oriented citizens. Samford University offers over 75 majors in undergraduate, graduate and professional degrees programs. The university has a strong record of academic excellence which is attributed to its highly experienced faculty, and its commitment to providing small class sizes, hands-on learning opportunities which enables students to get personalized attention and easily develop close relationships with their instructors and peers.

Grading and GPA System

The grading system at Samford University is based on a 4-point scale with letter grades assigned to scores in each point range. This is used to determine a student's GPA (Grade Point Average) which is calculated on a 4.0 scale. The grading system and their associated GPA values are as follows:
  • A (4.0)
  • A- (3.7)
  • B+ (3.3)
  • B (3.0)
  • B- (2.7)
  • C+ (2.3)
  • C (2.0)
  • C- (1.7)
  • D+ (1.3)
  • D (1.0)
  • F (0.0)
To graduate, students must maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher. Samford University uses the plus/minus grading scale, and grades below a C- are unacceptable towards any major or minor.


Samford University is a leading private university committed to academic excellence, moral leadership, and community development. With over 75 majors to choose from in undergraduate, graduate and professional degrees programs, the institution provides its students with a nurturing and supportive learning environment which leads to personal, academic and career success. The university's strong core values, including its commitment to the Christian faith, set it apart from other institutions and help it prepare students to be responsible global citizens.