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Overview of the University

Roosevelt University is a private, non-profit institution located in Chicago, Illinois, with additional campuses in Schaumburg and Peoria. Established in 1945, the university offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate degree programs in areas such as business, education, arts and sciences, performing arts, and social sciences. The university prides itself on its interdisciplinary approach to education, which enables students to gain a well-rounded understanding of their field of study. Here are some quick facts about Roosevelt University: - The university has a diverse student body, with students from over 100 countries around the world. - There are over 4𬔀 undergraduate and graduate students currently enrolled at the university. - The faculty-to-student ratio is 1:13, which ensures personalized attention and quality education. - Roosevelt University has a 129-acre nature preserve in Schaumburg, which is used as a living laboratory for environmental science students.

Grading and GPA System in this University

At Roosevelt University, grades are calculated on a 4.0 scale, with 4.0 being the highest grade a student can receive. Here is a breakdown of the grading scale: - A: 4.0 (90-100%) - B: 3.0 (80-89%) - C: 2.0 (70-79%) - D: 1.0 (60-69%) - F: 0.0 (below 60%) In addition to letter grades, students may receive plus or minus grades that affect their GPA accordingly. Roosevelt University also offers pass/fail grades for some courses, which do not affect a student's GPA. To calculate a student's GPA, grades are given point values and the sum of the grade points is divided by the number of credit hours attempted. The resulting number is the student's GPA. Here is an example: - A (4.0) in a 3-credit course = 12 grade points - B (3.0) in a 4-credit course = 12 grade points - C (2.0) in a 2-credit course = 4 grade points - Total grade points = 28 - Total credit hours attempted = 9 - GPA = 28/9 = 3.11


Roosevelt University is a reputable institution that provides students with quality education in a range of fields. With its interdisciplinary approach, diverse student body, and dedicated faculty, students at Roosevelt University are well-equipped to succeed in their chosen careers. The grading and GPA system is fair and transparent, with grades calculated on a 4.0 scale and plus/minus grades affecting a student's GPA accordingly. Whether you're interested in pursuing a Bachelor's degree, Master's degree, or a professional program, Roosevelt University is a great choice for those looking to advance their education and career aspirations.