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About Rocky Mountain College

Located in Billings, Montana, Rocky Mountain College is a private, comprehensive liberal arts college that offers undergraduate and graduate degrees. Here are some notable features of RMC: - Accreditation: RMC is accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities. - History: The college was founded in 1878 and has since become one of the leading colleges in the region. - Campus: The campus is situated on 60 acres of land and features state-of-the-art facilities. - Faculty: RMC has a highly qualified faculty who are dedicated to providing a quality education to their students.

Grading and GPA System

Like most universities, RMC employs a grading system that assigns letter grades to student work. The standard grading scale is as follows: - A = 4.0 - A- = 3.7 - B+ = 3.3 - B = 3.0 - B- = 2.7 - C+ = 2.3 - C = 2.0 - C- = 1.7 - D+ = 1.3 - D = 1.0 - F = 0 Students are evaluated on their academic performance each semester, and their letter grades are used to calculate their grade point average (GPA). The GPA is an important metric that is often used by employers and graduate schools to assess a student's academic competence. At RMC, a minimum GPA of 2.0 is required to graduate.


Rocky Mountain College is a respected institution that offers students a rich and rewarding educational experience. From its highly qualified faculty to its state-of-the-art facilities, RMC is dedicated to providing students with the tools they need to succeed in their chosen fields. Whether you are interested in pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree, RMC is a great place to start your journey towards success.