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Overview of Riverside Community College District

Riverside Community College District is a public community college located in Riverside, California. The district consists of three colleges: Riverside City College, Norco College, and Moreno Valley College. The district serves more than 50𬀀 students annually, offering over 100 degree and certificate programs. The colleges within the district offer a variety of educational opportunities, including transfer programs to four-year universities, career and technical education programs, and adult education courses. The district also has a strong commitment to serving its diverse student population, offering support programs such as counseling, tutoring, and student organizations.

Grading and GPA System in this University

The grading system at Riverside Community College District is based on a traditional letter-grade system, with grades ranging from A to F. The grading system for each course is determined by the individual instructor, in accordance with district policy. To calculate a student's grade point average (GPA), each letter grade is assigned a numerical value (A=4, B=3, C=2, D=1, F=0) and weighted according to the number of units for each course. The GPA is calculated by dividing the total number of grade points by the total number of units attempted. In addition to traditional grades, the district also offers a credit/no credit grading option for students who opt to take a class without receiving a traditional letter grade. This option is available for select classes and must be chosen at the time of registration.


Riverside Community College District is a vibrant and diverse community that provides exceptional educational opportunities for its students. With its commitment to student success, supportive programs and services, and a rigorous academic curriculum, this district is an excellent choice for students seeking to achieve their educational and career goals.