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About Reed College

Reed College is a private liberal arts college located in Portland, Oregon. The college was established in 1908 and has been known for its unconventional approach to education. It has a small student body, with only 1,400 students enrolled, which allows for a close-knit community and personalized attention from faculty.

Reed College is known for its rigorous academic program, which includes a required humanities course, a year-long science sequence for all students, and a senior thesis project, which is a culmination of four years of independent research.

The campus is located on 116 acres and includes a lake, a canyon, and several gardens. The college also has several unique buildings, including the Renn Fayre nuclear reactor, which is used for educational purposes.

Grading and GPA System

Reed College has a unique grading system, which is based on a qualitative evaluation of a student's work rather than a quantitative scale. Grades are given on a scale of A to F, but the college does not calculate GPAs. Instead, students receive written evaluations from their professors, which include feedback on their strengths and weaknesses and suggestions for improvement.

This approach to grading encourages students to focus on learning and growth rather than just achieving a high GPA. It also allows them to explore subjects they are interested in without fear of damaging their GPA.


Reed College offers a unique educational experience for students who are looking for a challenging and unconventional approach to learning. Its small student body and personalized attention from faculty make it an ideal environment for students who want to explore their interests and pursue their passions. The college's rigorous academic program, unique grading system, and beautiful campus make it a top choice for students who want to excel academically and personally.