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About Portland State University

Portland State University (PSU) is a public research university located in the heart of downtown Portland, Oregon. It was founded in 1946 to educate returning World War II veterans and has since grown to become the largest and most diverse university in Oregon. With around 27,000 students, PSU offers over 200 undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs in a wide range of fields.

Grading and GPA System

PSU uses a 4.0 grading scale, with grades ranging from A to F. The following grading scale is used:
  • A: 4.0
  • A-: 3.7
  • B+: 3.3
  • B: 3.0
  • B-: 2.7
  • C+: 2.3
  • C: 2.0
  • C-: 1.7
  • D+: 1.3
  • D: 1.0
  • F: 0.0
The GPA (Grade Point Average) is calculated by multiplying the grade earned in each course by the course credit hours, adding up all the products, and dividing the total by the number of credit hours attempted. The minimum GPA required to remain in good academic standing varies by program, but it is generally around 2.0.


Portland State University offers a diverse and dynamic learning environment for students from all backgrounds. With a wide range of programs, a vibrant campus culture, and a commitment to community engagement and sustainability, PSU is an excellent choice for those seeking a high-quality education in the heart of downtown Portland. Whether you are interested in studying engineering, business, social sciences or more, PSU offers a range of programs to suit your needs.