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Overview of the University

NorthCap University is a private university located in Gurugram, Haryana, India. Established in 1996 by Educate India Society, the university was formerly known as ITM University until it was renamed NorthCap University in the year 2015. Spread across 10 acres of land, the campus is home to multiple schools of study, centers of research and innovation, and incubation centers, providing the best possible education and research facilities. The university is committed to nurturing bright minds through innovative and student-centric teaching methods that cater to the needs of the industry. The university has a diverse and inclusive campus, welcoming students from different backgrounds, cultures, religions, and nationalities. The university boasts a strong alumni network, with many of its alumni holding prestigious positions in various sectors, including business, government, and academia.

Grading and GPA System in this University

The grading and GPA system in NorthCap University follows the guidelines issued by UGC and the university’s academic regulations. The grading system follows a 10-point scale, and for each course, students are awarded grades based on their performance in assessments and coursework. The grades and their corresponding grade points are as follows:
  • A+:10
  • A:9
  • B+:8
  • B:7
  • C:6
  • D:5
  • E:4
  • F:3
GPA is calculated by multiplying the credit points of each course with its corresponding grade points and then dividing it by the total number of credit points. The minimum passing GPA for each semester is 5. Apart from the grading system, the university also follows a credit-based system, where each course is assigned a certain number of credits based on the difficulty and importance of the course. The total number of credits required for graduation varies across different courses and programs.


NorthCap University is a leading private university in India, offering world-class education and research facilities in a diverse and inclusive environment. The university follows a rigorous grading and GPA system, ensuring that students are evaluated fairly based on their academic performance. The university’s commitment to providing quality education, coupled with its strong alumni network, makes it an ideal destination for students who aspire to make a difference in their respective fields.