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About National University

National University is a private, nonprofit university located in La Jolla, California. Established in 1971, it is one of the largest universities in California, offering over 75 undergraduate and graduate degree programs. Some key features of National University are: - Flexibility: National University offers online and on-campus classes, and has a year-round academic calendar with monthly start dates. - Professional development: National University emphasizes professional education and offers programs in fields like business, education, healthcare, and engineering. - Military friendly: National University welcomes military service members, veterans, and their families, and offers special programs and services for them.

Grading and GPA System

National University uses a letter grading system for its courses, with a range of A through F. The following scale is used to calculate students' grade point averages (GPA): Grade | Points | Quality Points --- | --- | --- A | 4.0 | 4.0 A- | 3.7 | 3.7 B+ | 3.3 | 3.3 B | 3.0 | 3.0 B- | 2.7 | 2.7 C+ | 2.3 | 2.3 C | 2.0 | 2.0 C- | 1.7 | 1.7 D+ | 1.3 | 1.3 D | 1.0 | 1.0 F | 0.0 | 0.0 The GPA is calculated by dividing the total number of quality points earned by the total number of units attempted. This system allows students to monitor their progress and maintain academic excellence.


Overall, National University is a flexible and reputable institution with a focus on professional education. Its grading system ensures that students are held to high academic standards, and allows them to track their progress and strive for excellence. Whether you are looking to advance your career, pursue a new field, or continue your education, National University may be a great choice for you.