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About Mount Holyoke College

Mount Holyoke College is a private women's liberal arts college in South Hadley, Massachusetts, USA. Established in 1837, it is the oldest member of the Seven Sisters colleges, a group of seven liberal arts women's colleges in the Northeastern United States. The college offers over 50 majors and minors, with an emphasis on interdisciplinary studies, global learning, and leadership development. Academic Programs and Resources Mount Holyoke College is known for its rigorous academic programs, diverse faculty, and innovative research opportunities. The college's academic resources include: - The Lynk initiative, which helps students connect their academic studies with internships, research, and career development opportunities - The McCulloch Center for Global Initiatives, which offers study abroad programs, language study, and cross-cultural friendship programs - The Miller Worley Center for the Environment, which supports research, education, and public events related to environmental sustainability - The Weissman Center for Leadership, which offers programs and events to empower women as leaders in their fields - The Career Development Center, which provides career counseling, job search resources, and professional development workshops Grading and GPA System Mount Holyoke College uses a letter grading system similar to most American colleges and universities. A student's performance in each course is evaluated based on a combination of assignments, exams, and class participation. The grading scale and corresponding GPA are as follows: - A = 4.0 - A- = 3.7 - B+ = 3.3 - B = 3.0 - B- = 2.7 - C+ = 2.3 - C = 2.0 - C- = 1.7 - D = 1.0 - F = 0.0 To maintain good academic standing, students must achieve a minimum GPA of 2.0. Students who earn a GPA of 3.5 or higher are awarded Dean's List honors.


Mount Holyoke College is a unique and vibrant community dedicated to the empowerment of women through excellent liberal arts education. With a diverse student body, committed faculty, and a wide range of academic programs and resources, Mount Holyoke prepares students to become leaders and changemakers in their fields.