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About Mott Community College

Mott Community College (MCC) is a public community college located in Flint, Michigan. Established in 1923, MCC is a two-year institution providing undergraduate education and career-oriented programs of study. MCC has an open admission policy, which means that every student who applies is admitted.

  • MCC is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC)
  • The college offers over 100 degree and certificate programs in various fields of study
  • The student-to-faculty ratio at MCC is 18:1
  • There are around 10,000 students enrolled at MCC, with a diverse student body

Grading and GPA System

MCC uses a letter-grade system to evaluate student performance. The grading scale is as follows:

  • A: Excellent (4.0 GP)
  • B: Good (3.0 GP)
  • C: Satisfactory (2.0 GP)
  • D: Passing, but not satisfactory (1.0 GP)
  • F: Failing (0.0 GP)

The college also uses a quality point system to calculate a student's Grade Point Average (GPA). The GPA is calculated by dividing the total number of quality points earned by the total number of credit hours attempted.


Mott Community College is a great institution for students looking to start their higher education journey. With its diverse student body and range of degree and certificate programs, MCC offers something for everyone. The college's open admission policy ensures that any student who applies will have an opportunity to pursue higher education. MCC's faculty and staff are committed to helping students achieve their academic and career goals, making it a great place to start your journey towards success.