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About Montreat College

Montreat College is a private, Christian liberal arts institution located in Montreat, North Carolina, United States. The college was founded in 1916 and has been providing quality education to students for over a century. Here are some facts about Montreat College: - Montreat College is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC). - The college offers undergraduate and graduate degree programs in various fields, including Business, Education, Music, Psychology, and more. - Montreat College is known for its commitment to providing a transformative education that integrates faith, learning, and life. - The college has a small student-to-faculty ratio of 12:1, which ensures that students receive individual attention from their professors. - Montreat College has a diverse student body from different states and countries, creating a vibrant learning community.

Grading and GPA System at Montreat College

At Montreat College, students are evaluated using a letter grade system. Here is a breakdown of the grading system and the corresponding grade point average (GPA): - A: Excellent (4.0 GPA) - B: Good (3.0 GPA) - C: Average (2.0 GPA) - D: Below Average (1.0 GPA) - F: Failing (0.0 GPA) In addition to the letter grades, Montreat College also offers the plus/minus grading system, which provides a more nuanced evaluation of a student's performance. For the plus/minus system, the following grades and GPAs apply: - A+: 4.0 GPA - A: 3.7 GPA - A-: 3.3 GPA - B+: 3.0 GPA - B: 2.7 GPA - B-: 2.3 GPA - C+: 2.0 GPA - C: 1.7 GPA - C-: 1.3 GPA - D+: 1.0 GPA - D: 0.7 GPA - D-: 0.3 GPA At Montreat College, students' GPAs are calculated by dividing the total grade points earned by the total credit hours attempted. The college uses a 4.0 scale to calculate GPAs.


Montreat College is a Christian liberal arts institution that provides an excellent education to students. With its commitment to integrating faith, learning, and life, the college prepares students to make a positive impact in the world. The grading and GPA system at Montreat College provides a fair evaluation of students' performance and emphasizes the importance of academic excellence. If you are looking for a college that will challenge you academically and spiritually, Montreat College may be the perfect fit for you.