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About Monmouth College

Monmouth College is a private, four-year institution situated in Monmouth, Illinois, United States. The College was founded in 1853 by the United Presbyterian Church and today is an independent liberal arts college affiliated with the Presbyterian Church. Monmouth College is consistently ranked among the top liberal arts colleges in the nation, and its dedicated faculty, committed staff, and engaged alumni community ensure that students receive an education that is both rigorous and empowering. Some key facts about Monmouth College include: - Admission rate: approximately 64% - Student population: around 1,000 undergraduate students - Student-to-faculty ratio: 10:1 - Number of majors: over 40 - Campus size: 112 acres

Grading and GPA System

Monmouth College uses a four-point grading system with plus/minus grades, as follows: - A: 4.0 - A-: 3.7 - B+: 3.3 - B: 3.0 - B-: 2.7 - C+: 2.3 - C: 2.0 - C-: 1.7 - D+: 1.3 - D: 1.0 - F: 0.0 To calculate a student's GPA, each course grade is multiplied by the credit hours of the course, and then all of those results are added together and divided by the total number of credit hours attempted. For example, if a student earns a B+ in a 3-credit-hour course and a B in a 4-credit-hour course, their GPA for those two courses would be calculated as follows: - B+ (3.3) x 3 (credit hours) = 9.9 grade points - B (3.0) x 4 (credit hours) = 12.0 grade points - Total grade points = 21.9 - Total credit hours attempted = 7 - GPA = 21.9 ÷ 7 = 3.13


Monmouth College is a small, close-knit community of learners who are dedicated to exploring the many possibilities that a liberal arts education has to offer. With rigorous academic programs, a welcoming campus culture, and a wide range of extracurricular opportunities, Monmouth College is an ideal place for students who are eager to hone their skills, broaden their horizons, and become leaders in their fields. Whether you are interested in pursuing a degree in the arts, sciences, or humanities, Monmouth College has something to offer.