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About Linfield College

Linfield College is a private college located in McMinnville, Oregon, United States. Established in 1858, it is one of the oldest colleges in the western United States. It currently has a student population of about 2,000 undergraduate students, and it offers over 50 majors and minors.

Grading and GPA System

Linfield College uses a letter grading system, and the grades correspond to a certain number of grade points per credit hour. The grading scale is as follows:
  • A: 4.0 points
  • A-: 3.7 points
  • B+: 3.3 points
  • B: 3.0 points
  • B-: 2.7 points
  • C+: 2.3 points
  • C: 2.0 points
  • C-: 1.7 points
  • D+: 1.3 points
  • D: 1.0 point
  • F: 0 points
Students' GPAs are determined by adding up the grade points earned divided by the number of credits attempted. Linfield College also uses plus/minus grades.


Linfield College is a prestigious educational institution that prides itself on providing its students with a quality education. Its grading system is rigorous, and it ensures that students who earn high grades are recognized and rewarded for their hard work. Overall, Linfield College is an excellent choice for students who are looking for an institution that will prepare them to be successful in their future careers.