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About Le Moyne College

Le Moyne College is a private Jesuit college located in Syracuse, New York. The college has a rich history and a diverse student body. Here are a few things to know about Le Moyne College:
  • Founded in 1946, Le Moyne College is named after Simon Le Moyne, a Jesuit priest who was one of the earliest European settlers in the area.
  • The college is home to over 2,500 undergraduate students and more than 200 graduate students.
  • Le Moyne College is consistently ranked among the top colleges and universities in the country by U.S. News and World Report.
  • The college is committed to providing students with a well-rounded education that combines academic rigor with service to others.
  • Le Moyne College is known for its strong programs in business, education, nursing, and the sciences.

Grading and GPA System

Le Moyne College has a standard grading system that assigns letter grades to each course. Here is how the grading system works:
  • A = 4.0
  • A- = 3.7
  • B+ = 3.3
  • B = 3.0
  • B- = 2.7
  • C+ = 2.3
  • C = 2.0
  • C- = 1.7
  • D+ = 1.3
  • D = 1.0
  • F = 0.0
To calculate a student's grade point average (GPA), the college assigns a point value to each letter grade and then calculates the average of those points. A student's GPA is an important indicator of their academic performance and is often used by employers and graduate schools to evaluate applicants.


Le Moyne College is a top-notch institution that offers students a rigorous academic experience combined with a commitment to service and social justice. If you are looking for a college that will challenge you to be your best and prepare you for success in the real world, Le Moyne College is definitely worth consideration.