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About Kenyon College

Kenyon College is a private liberal arts college that is located in Gambier, Ohio. It was founded in 1824 by Bishop Philander Chase, and it is affiliated with the Episcopal Church. The college has a long-standing reputation for academic excellence, and it has produced several notable alumni, including author John Green and actor Paul Newman. Some key facts about Kenyon College include: - The campus is 1,000 acres in size and includes several academic, residential, and recreational buildings. - The student body is small, with approximately 1,700 students enrolled. - The college offers over 50 majors and minors, as well as several interdisciplinary programs. - The student-faculty ratio is 9:1, meaning that students have plenty of opportunities to interact with their professors.

Grading and GPA System

Like many colleges and universities, Kenyon College uses a four-point grading scale to evaluate student performance. The grades and their corresponding grade point values are: - A (4.0) - A- (3.7) - B+ (3.3) - B (3.0) - B- (2.7) - C+ (2.3) - C (2.0) - C- (1.7) - D+ (1.3) - D (1.0) - F (0.0) In order to calculate a student's grade point average (GPA), the grade point value of each course taken is multiplied by the number of credits earned for that course. The sum of these values is divided by the total number of credits attempted. Students must maintain a minimum GPA of 2.0 in order to remain in good academic standing.


Kenyon College is a small and prestigious liberal arts college that offers students a wide range of academic and extracurricular opportunities. With its beautiful campus, world-class faculty, and close-knit community, Kenyon is a great choice for students who are looking for a personalized education in a supportive environment. Whether you're interested in the arts, sciences, humanities, or social sciences, there's something for everyone at Kenyon College.