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About Illinois State University

Illinois State University (ISU) is a public research university located in Normal, Illinois. It was founded in 1857 and is the oldest public university in Illinois. The university is split into six colleges, with a wide range of majors and academic programs offered. Some key facts about ISU: - Total enrollment: over 20,000 students - Student-to-faculty ratio: 18:1 - Average class size: 21 students - Mascot: Reggie Redbird - Colors: Red and White ISU boasts a beautiful, spacious campus that includes state-of-the-art facilities, a stunning Quad, and plenty of green spaces.

Grading and GPA System

ISU uses a traditional grading system, with letter grades ranging from A to F: - A: 90-100% - B: 80-89% - C: 70-79% - D: 60-69% - F: below 60% The university also incorporates pluses and minuses into the grading system. For example, a B+ would be a grade of 87-89%. To calculate a student's GPA, ISU uses a four-point scale: - A: 4.0 - B: 3.0 - C: 2.0 - D: 1.0 - F: 0.0 When calculating a GPA, the university adds up the total number of grade points earned and divides that number by the total number of credits attempted.


Illinois State University offers students a quality education in a beautiful and welcoming environment. With a wide range of programs to choose from, students can pursue their academic goals while enjoying all that ISU has to offer. The grading and GPA system is straightforward and transparent, making it easy for students to track their progress and plan for their future.