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About Hood College

Hood College is a private liberal arts college located in Frederick, Maryland. It was founded in 1893 by the Potomac Synod of the Reformed Church of the United States. The campus is spread over 50 acres and features several historic buildings and modern facilities. The college offers undergraduate and graduate degree programs in various fields of study.

Grading and GPA System

Hood College uses the conventional grading system with letter grades ranging from A to F. The grades are assigned based on the quality of work and academic performance of the students. The college also uses a 4.0 grading scale to calculate the Grade Point Average (GPA). The GPA is a cumulative score of the grades earned by the student and is used to evaluate their academic progress and standing. The minimum GPA required to maintain good academic standing varies depending on the program and level of study.

The following is a breakdown of the letter grades and corresponding grade point values:

  • A - 4.0
  • A- - 3.7
  • B+ - 3.3
  • B - 3.0
  • B- - 2.7
  • C+ - 2.3
  • C - 2.0
  • C- - 1.7
  • D+ - 1.3
  • D - 1.0
  • D- - 0.7
  • F - 0.0


Hood College is committed to providing a high-quality education to its students. The grading and GPA system is designed to evaluate the academic performance of students and ensure they meet the requirements of their program. Overall, Hood College is a great choice for students looking for a diverse and challenging academic environment.