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About Hesston College

Hesston College is a two-year liberal arts college located in Hesston, Kansas, USA. The college is affiliated with the Mennonite Church USA, and it seeks to provide students with a comprehensive education that integrates faith, learning, and service. Here are some key features of Hesston College:

  • The student body is relatively small, with around 450 students enrolled each year.
  • Hesston College offers a variety of academic programs, including majors in nursing, aviation, business, and more. The college also offers transfer programs for students who wish to continue their education at a four-year institution.
  • The faculty at Hesston College is committed to providing students with personalized attention and support. The college has a low student-to-faculty ratio, which helps to foster a sense of community and engagement.
  • Hesston College is dedicated to promoting cross-cultural understanding and engagement. The college has a robust international education program, which includes study abroad opportunities and a growing international student population.
  • The campus is located in a small town setting, which provides a close-knit community and a peaceful environment for learning and personal growth. The college also has a rich tradition of athletics, with several varsity sports teams competing at the NJCAA level.

Grading and GPA System

Like most colleges and universities in the United States, Hesston College uses a grading system based on letter grades. Here is a breakdown of the grading system:

  • A = 4.0
  • B = 3.0
  • C = 2.0
  • D = 1.0
  • F = 0.0
  • I = Incomplete

Hesston College also uses a grade point average (GPA) system to calculate student performance. The GPA is based on the point value of the letter grades earned in each class, and it is calculated by dividing the total number of grade points earned by the total number of credits attempted. Here is an example:

  • Class 1: A (4.0) - 3 credits
  • Class 2: B (3.0) - 4 credits
  • GPA: ((4.0 x 3) + (3.0 x 4)) ÷ (3 + 4) = 3.43


Hesston College offers a unique educational experience that emphasizes holistic growth and personal development. With its strong academic programs, dedicated faculty, and vibrant community, Hesston College is an excellent choice for students who want to explore their potential and prepare for success in a rapidly changing world.