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About Haskell Indian Nations University

- Haskell Indian Nations University is a federally recognized university that primarily serves Native American students. - Established in 1884 as the United States Indian Industrial Training School, it has grown into a leading institution for Indigenous education. - Located in Lawrence, Kansas, the university offers a range of undergraduate programs in areas such as Indigenous and American Indian studies, environmental science, business, and education. - Haskell also offers graduate programs in Indigenous and American Indian studies and environmental science.

Grading and GPA System

- Haskell Indian Nations University uses a 4.0 grading scale with letter grades ranging from A to F. - A grade of A is equivalent to 4.0, while a grade of F is equivalent to 0.0. - In addition to traditional letter grades, the university also uses a Pass/Fail and Incomplete grading system. - To calculate a student's GPA, the total number of grade points is divided by the total number of credit hours attempted.


- Haskell Indian Nations University is a unique institution that is dedicated to preserving and promoting Indigenous cultures and traditions. - With a range of undergraduate and graduate programs, the university provides students with a quality education that is grounded in Native American perspectives and values. - Its grading system is in line with most American universities while emphasizing the significance of a student not just with letter grades but showing incompleteness which provides an avenue for improvement. - Any student who wants to learn in a culturally rich environment should consider applying to Haskell Indian Nations University.