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About Goucher College

Goucher College is a private liberal arts college located in Baltimore County, Maryland. Founded in 1885, it has a long-standing reputation for academic excellence and innovation. The college's mission is to provide a transformative education that prepares students for the complexities and challenges of the world. Academics
  • Goucher College offers more than 30 majors and minors in a wide range of fields, including the arts, humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences.
  • The college has a student-to-faculty ratio of 9:1, ensuring that students receive individualized attention and mentorship.
  • Goucher uses a unique system of education called the Goucher Commons, which emphasizes interdisciplinary learning and experiential education.
  • The college also offers a variety of study abroad programs, internships, and research opportunities that allow students to gain real-world experience and explore their passions.
Grading and GPA System
  • Goucher College uses a 4-point grading scale, with A being the highest grade and F being the lowest.
  • The college also has a unique grading system called the "Goucher Unsatisfactory/No Credit" option, which allows students to take risks and explore new fields without fear of damaging their GPA.
  • To maintain good academic standing, students must maintain a cumulative GPA of at least 2.0.
  • The college also has a rigorous honor code that emphasizes integrity and academic honesty.


In conclusion, Goucher College is a unique and dynamic institution that emphasizes interdisciplinary learning, experiential education, and academic excellence. With a rich history and a commitment to innovation, Goucher continues to prepare students for the challenges of the 21st century and beyond. Whether you're interested in the arts, humanities, social sciences, or natural sciences, Goucher has something to offer.