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About Fordham University

Fordham University is a private, Jesuit research university located in New York City. Founded in 1841, it is one of the oldest Catholic universities in the country. Currently, there are three campuses: Rose Hill in the Bronx, Lincoln Center in Manhattan, and a satellite campus in Westchester County. The university offers undergraduate, graduate, and professional degree programs across a wide range of disciplines.

Grading and GPA System

Fordham University uses a four-point grading system, with letter grades assigned a numerical value as follows:

  • A: 4.00
  • A-: 3.67
  • B+: 3.33
  • B: 3.00
  • B-: 2.67
  • C+: 2.33
  • C: 2.00
  • C-: 1.67
  • D+: 1.33
  • D: 1.00
  • F: 0.00

Fordham calculates students' GPA on a standard 4.00 scale, based on the grades earned in each course. Students must maintain a minimum GPA of 2.0 to remain in good academic standing.


Fordham University is a prestigious institution of higher education with a rich history and strong academic programs. Its Jesuit tradition emphasizes the importance of academic excellence, service to others, and the pursuit of social justice. With its three campuses and wide variety of degree programs, Fordham offers students a unique and dynamic college experience in the heart of New York City.