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About the University

Evergreen State College, founded in 1967, is a public liberal arts and sciences college located in Olympia, Washington. It has a unique educational philosophy that encourages interdisciplinary learning, hands-on experience, and community engagement.

  • It is a non-traditional college with no required majors or grades
  • The curriculum is focused on social justice, sustainability, and creativity
  • The campus is situated on 1000 acres of forested land with a beach on Puget Sound
  • It has a diverse student population with over 60% of students being POC and 50% being first-generation students
  • It offers a wide range of programs, including undergraduate degrees, graduate degrees, and non-degree programs

Grading and GPA System

Evergreen has a unique approach to grading and GPA that is different from traditional colleges.

  • Instead of letter grades, students are evaluated on a narrative evaluation system
  • Faculty members provide detailed feedback on the students' work and progress in the form of a narrative
  • Students receive a final comprehensive evaluation at the end of each year that includes a summary of their accomplishments and areas for improvement
  • The college does not use a traditional GPA system
  • Instead, students receive a transcript that shows their coursework, narrative evaluations, and credits earned


Evergreen State College is a unique institution that offers a non-traditional approach to education. Its focus on interdisciplinary learning, hands-on experience, and community engagement attracts students who are looking for a different kind of college experience. The narrative evaluation system and lack of a traditional GPA system allow students to focus on learning instead of grades while still receiving valuable feedback on their work. Overall, Evergreen State College provides a challenging, supportive, and engaging environment for students who are passionate about social justice, sustainability, and creativity.