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About Elon University

- Elon University is a private research university located in Elon, North Carolina, United States. - It was founded in 1889 as Elon College by the Christian Churches of North Carolina. - Elon University is known for its excellent academics and strong emphasis on experiential learning. - The university offers undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral degree programs in various fields. - The campus is spread over 636 acres and has state-of-the-art facilities for students.

Grading and GPA System

- Elon University follows a standard 4.0 grading scale. - The grading system includes letter grades, with A+ being the highest and F being the lowest. - The university also uses plus and minus grades for finer distinctions. - The GPA (Grade Point Average) is a numerical representation of a student’s academic performance and is calculated based on the grades earned in each course. - Elon University has a strong academic culture and expects students to maintain high GPAs. - In order to graduate from Elon, undergraduate students must achieve a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0.


Elon University is a highly respected institution with a strong commitment to academic excellence and experiential learning. The university has a rigorous grading and GPA system, which serves as a means of assessing student progress and performance. Overall, Elon University is an excellent choice for students seeking a top-tier education and ample opportunities for personal and professional growth.