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Overview of the University

Eastern Florida State College (EFSC) is a public college that was established in 1960 in Brevard County, Florida. The college is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) and serves more than 20𬀀 students annually. EFSC has four campuses in Brevard County including Cocoa, Melbourne, Palm Bay and Titusville, which offer a range of academic programs and services to help students achieve their higher education goals. Here are some key points about EFSC: - The college offers more than 100 degrees and certificate programs, including Bachelor's Degrees in Business, Healthcare Management, Computer Information Systems, and Nursing. - EFSC's Titusville campus is home to the Aerospace Technology program, which prepares students for careers in Florida's space industry. - The college has partnerships with several universities and colleges, including the University of Central Florida and Florida Institute of Technology, allowing students to seamlessly transfer credits and continue their education. - EFSC also has a robust online program, with over 450 courses available for students to take online.

Grading and GPA System in this University

EFSC uses a traditional grading system, where students receive letter grades based on their performance in each course. The grading scale is as follows: - A: 90-100% - B: 80-89% - C: 70-79% - D: 60-69% - F: 0-59% In addition to letter grades, EFSC uses a numerical grade point average (GPA) system to determine a student's academic standing. Here's how the GPA system works: - A: 4 points - B: 3 points - C: 2 points - D: 1 point - F: 0 points To calculate a student's GPA, the total number of grade points earned in all courses is divided by the total number of credit hours attempted. For example, if a student earned a B in a 3-credit course, they would receive 9 grade points (3 x 3), which would be added to their total grade point count. EFSC also offers several academic support services to help students succeed, including tutoring, academic coaching, and counseling. The college also has a Student Success Center, which offers workshops, resources, and programs to help students improve their study skills and achieve their academic goals.


Eastern Florida State College offers a diverse range of academic programs and services that enable students to gain valuable skills and knowledge needed to achieve their goals. The college is also affordable, with low tuition and fees, as well as financial aid and scholarship opportunities. Students who are interested in pursuing higher education at EFSC can benefit from the college's flexible scheduling options, including online courses and hybrid classes, to balance their academic pursuits with work and other commitments. With a strong focus on student success, EFSC provides a supportive environment where students can thrive and achieve their full potential.